Getting Started Is Half the Battle

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    Being frugal and thrifty does not come naturally to most of us.
It is a learned art that has unfortunately been lost lately in being passed down through the generations, sad as it may be.
We all may have our different reason for cutting 
back and saving money,
some people may have to do it out of necessity, others do it to achieve financial independence or just a better way of life.
Whatever your goals may be, to try to learn how to make it thru to the next payday or get out of debt or to save for retirement we hope you will be able to find something on our site that 
may be  of value to you.
This is not a site made up of extremes in saving measures,
 but rather more
of a documentary of sorts thru the last decade or so of my life which our of necessity forced me too look at where our money was going and why we
were so deeply in debt and we couldn't really figure out why?
Sometimes it can be really hard to admit that there is a big problem with debt that needs to be addresses before it can get be remedied.
The hardest part of the battle is getting started and admitting you have debt, or not enough money to  make ends meet.
It can be a rather daunting task, but once you can sit 
down and admit that
there is a problem it will be that much easier to get started on your new Frugal Journey.
I sincerely hope that by creating this website that I may be able to help even one person then it will have been worth all the struggles we went through to
get to where we are today.
This site will always be a work in progress as I have never been known to be one for keeping quiet and always have way too many ideas floating around in
my head for my own good.
No matter what never let anyone tell you you can't save money or build
a nest egg or pay down bills.
It can be done, it's hard work, but getting started
is the key to it all, that first hard step..