Sandwich Maker Recipes

A great way for me to save money and feed my family very economically
is having a sandwich maker in the house.
I received one for an Christmas present and never got around to using it and
it just sat in the back of the cupboard for a while.
I pulled it out one day and decided to experiment with it and now it is used
almost on a daily basis sometimes more.
The recipes and combinations are only limited by your imagination.
I am including a few recipes here to get you started.

Sandwich Maker Cookbook Tons of Recipes

Sandwich Maker Mexi Pockets

Cheesy Hot Dog Pockets

Beef Pot Pie Sandwiches
Hot Pastrami Pockets
Fruit Turnovers
Broccoli Chicken Grilled Sandwiches
Sandwich Maker Carrot Cake
Sandwich Maker Apple Pie
Chicken Pot Pie Sandwiches
Chocolate Nut Delight
Sandwich Maker Cheesesteak
Sandwich Maker Egg Roll
Sandwich Maker Enchiladas
Sandwich Maker Gyros
Hobo Hamburgers
Sandwich Maker Breakfasts



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